Friday, 3 September 2010

the cow king

Barn (2010)
Acrylic, Microsoft Paint and Google

This is something that i did recently, you can see, through the use of digital elements, that i've now become up to date with modern times. The following is the only explanation that i could come up with for the composition, it sounds best when read very fast...

Once upon a time, in a realm unknown to most, there was a herd of cowboys. They had a cow King. This was because they had grown too immoral to rule over themselves and had thought it wiser to defer responsibility to this one especially fat cow who they had never managed to herd. The cow King was largely unbothered with the affairs of these lesser men and spent most of his time grazing. But as time passed and the cowboys became less and less civilized the cow King’s grazing land became gnarly. The cow King had had enough of this herd of lesser men and walked over to a fresh plot of land near an enchanted barn, here he rested and privately ate flowers.