Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Social Notworking Consultations

Ellen Linder kindly offered Walrus a cell at The Old Police Station as part of her New Cross Turn Left garden party on Sunday. We took the opportunity to host our first round of Social Network Syndrome consultations, offering members of the public free appointments in which they would be tested and potentially diagnosed with SNS.

We decided that the old cell would be the ideal place to host the consultations as it would emphasize the prison of the mind that some network users are finding themselves trapped in.

Each consultation was about 10-15 minuets long and involved several practical and written tests and finished with a short information video detailing the pioneering work of Dr. Gustav Von Schneider. The day ran surprisingly smoothly with our receptionist Anmeet's appointment sheet fully booked, so much so that there are even plans for a mini tour, so watch out for an SNS consultation session near you!

Social Notworking Investigation