Monday, 30 April 2012

Crawlternative Media Expo

We'll be rocking our zines with Alternative Press at the Camden Crawl this bank holiday weekend! 

Hot off the heels of last weekend’s Record Store Day, Camden Crawl is pleased to reveal the addition of the debut Crawlternative Media Expo (C.A.M.E.)

C.A.M.E.Three influential collectives, Alternative Press, Poster Roast and Lexington Record Fair, have been brought together for the first time to create a one of a kind free exhibition showcasing the alternative arts of underground press & zine making, gig poster design and screen printing and record collecting under one rather large roof within the magnificent setting of Camden’s historic St. Michaels Church. Each of these esteemed curators have brought together some of the UK’s best talents and collectors to not only to display, but offer tuition workshops and informational talks about their art. C.A.M.E. will take place from Saturday 5th – Monday 7th May from 1:00 – 8:00 pm each day at and is FREE ENTRY to the public.

C.A.M.E will additionally host special live music and spoken word performances

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Human Beings

This here is a picture of my new book called The Human Beings. It was my final project for a Image and Text  assignment at uni which i did as a way of getting out of a 5000 word essay. I'm still not sure how a piece of art can be equivalent to a 5000 word essay and despite being assured that the tutors 'have a way' I resolved that if a picture is worth a thousand words then 5 pictures should do the trick?  Anyway will have to see if this is in fact the case. 

The starting point of the book was the title 'What is to be Done?', after spending ages  trying to come up with something  I got frustrated and decided that actually there aren't that many things that need to be done and this obsession with constantly 'doing' something probably causes more problems than it solves. Thus the book, which is a short poem, explores the demise of the 'human beings' and the subsequent emergence of the 'human doings'. 

All the pages are scans of pieces of cotton which I stitched and stuck pieces of paper, fabric and other materials onto. 

The book is now finished, printed (A6 colour) and is available for viewing or purchasing for one pound from bookartbookshop, Housmans, ICA Bookshop, Orbital Comics, Gosh! and Extra bones. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A last minute poster I made for Mwanzo Mwema's annual African Culture Show. I made another version for them because all the instruments are upside down, wrong way round maybe even inside out in this one. I think it looks like someone jammin though. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Alchemy Festival

The Alchemy festival begins tomorrow bringing 11 days of South Asian goodness to the Southbank Centre. There's a pretty wicked line up of talks and arts events, too many to talk about in fact. I will however mention The Mica Gallery's Brit Pak exhibition in which one of my collages are being displayed, here's slightly more information. So if you find your self around those ends and you can't afford to go to the obnoxiously priced Damien Hirst then head on over to the Southbank Centre for some free quality!  

 Alchemy Festival website here