Monday, 21 February 2011

Brighton Stall and Walrus Zines

We had fun fun fun down at Brighton zine fair yesterday. It was our first time down there and we met lots of nice people and shifted loads of zines. Here's a mysterious and hazy picture of our stall. Amongst some of our swaps were an origami kit, Playground Magazine, a mental health zine, a cross stitched badge, a small black lyric book by Sarah Clark, and a book of Great Anarchists by Peter Willis.

It was also our first zine fair outing as Walrus Zines, we thought we should have an official group name for our longstanding unofficial zine collective. We don't really have a good reason for naming it Walrus Zines except that i saw a picture of a walrus in a suit and thought it looked really cool, and the others were fine with it so that's the reason. There is a Walrus Zines blog on which we hope to do zine reviews and other interesting things and perhaps even make collective zines, but time will tell.